PlanetCraft Noteren Decoration (New Year Decoration) New Year Workshop

PlanetCraft Noteren Decoration (New Year Decoration) New Year Workshop

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Two people make a class

Location: Room 1201A, 12th Floor, Block B, Kailian Industrial Building, Kwun Tong ( about 5 minutes away from APM)

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Shiren Decoration (New Year Decoration り) New Year Workshop

Note even decoration (the first month decoration り) symbolizes the inheritance of history and culture, and implies blessings for each other's well-being. During the New Year, every household in Japan will hang shimen ornaments in front of the door, at the porch, or decorate the interior, praying for good luck and avoiding evil, and good luck for the new year. With the popularity of Japanese culture, Hong Kong people will decorate the gates or halls with zhulian decorations during the Lunar New Year, wishing health, happiness and happiness in the future.

course features:

🔻Learn how to use natural straw rings/raffia rings with various preserved flowers, dried flowers, mizuhiki and blessing words, weave your heart into the shimenawa with your own hands, and easily make a unique Spring Festival decoration, which is suitable for gifting and personal use!
Size: The grass ring is about 9-10cm. After adding various flowers and decorations, the finished product will increase in proportion to 1.5 - 2 times

Fee: $350 (you can bring the same child to participate)

Date: 23-01-2022 or 30-01-2022

Time: 11:00 am - 13:00 pm (2 hours)

Fees include all materials and tutoring. Properly stored, jilian ornaments can be kept for 1-2 years, full of blessings and pleasing to the eye.

payment method:

1. Payme / Alipay
2. Credit card
3. Bank transfer

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