Customized pots and utensils are customized according to customer needs and budgets, and unique customized gifts are recommended to you.

Tired of ordinary gifts? Want to surprise every VIP who receives this gift? We provide a variety of customized gifts, matching with everyone's favorite succulents, and can show the uniqueness and intention of the brand!

Customized concrete creations can be a gift for individuals or corporate gifts to their vendors/service partners. Customization can be the concrete creations (the design) or engraving/printing company logo.

Applicable to: event gifts, VIP gifts, festive flower gifts, store visit gifts, wedding gifts

The following bonsai can be selected

Why choose us for customized gifts?

1. Diversified customization methods

Provide a variety of pots, after choosing the style of pots you like, we will have a special person to suggest a suitable custom method for you, and make sure to make every piece of work the best!

2. Freshly purchased local flowers and pots

We will purchase flower materials and pots from the local flower market according to the order of the hall, and all of them will be freshly made.

3. Exclusive packaging design

We have our own design team, and we understand that gift-giving "packaging" needs to be paid attention to! According to the size, height and shape of the pots, the packaging part is also customized design, so that the pots and plants are well protected, not easy to shake and fall out, and can take into account the beauty and dignity!

Each gift comes with a succulent care card to let you know how to take care of your little succulents!

New couple's wedding small things

In recent years, many newcomers have chosen "succulent potted plants" as small wedding gifts. The planting designers have carefully matched the succulents packaged in colorful colors, making the picture look like a colorful platter!

  • Customization method: seal logo customized small flag

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