Planetcraft Shop is a woman-run business offering sarcastic merch that brings you laughter and makes you love yourself even more.

The creator behind this shop Planetcraft and IP Collection Plump Planet is Rita Lin ( @rita.hikkiapple ), a brand designer and an illustrator based in Hong Kong. Her work is known for cactus & succulent characters and playful lettering with a touch of sarcasm.
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Brand: Colorholic Gossip | Plump Planet | PlanetCraft
🍎SHOP: @planetcraftthk
Seminar and Handmade Workshop
We have arranged lectures and workshops for many enterprises, schools and organizations, providing information of interest and interest to different participants according to their backgrounds, and raising awareness and knowledge of environmental protection. Lecture topics include global warming, green living, Hong Kong urban planning, an overview of Hong Kong's ecology, etc. There are also various DIY and upcycling workshops. If you have other related topics, please let us know if we can arrange them.
Corporate or Institutional Events Team Building
Bring your employees, clients or service users together to enjoy collective participation and creative experiences. The succulent experience and painting is a relaxing and engaging activity.
School Mural Project Artist in School
Let's transform empty and dull walls into colorful and eye-pleasing murals together. In participating, your teachers, students, staff and parents will have an incredible team building experience.
Carnival or community event Event Management
We welcome co-organization of activities with the theme of environmental protection art, such as carnivals, shopping malls, competitions, exhibitions, etc. If you want to hold art activities but have no idea, you can also contact us for discussion.
Custom Craft Gifts

Customized pots and utensils are customized according to customer needs and budgets, and unique customized gifts are recommended to you. Tired of ordinary gifts? Want to surprise every VIP who receives this gift? We provide a variety of customized gifts, matching with everyone's favorite succulents, and can show the uniqueness and intention of the brand!