About Plump Planet Cactus and Cat Meat Balls

The characters of Plump Planet are designed based on plants, including succulent cactus and cats and cats. Plant stars face different difficulties every day, such as work and study, but they will use different cleverness to solve problems, just like Hong Kong people. Taste" spirit, self-deprecating with a sense of humor, a bit wicked and a little lucky, likes to travel and explore the world. The succulent star people are still working hard to live life despite the wind and rain, maintaining a passionate heart to pursue their dreams, so as to promote a strong and indomitable spirit, and give people warm, healing, and happy positive energy.

The idea of ​​Plump Planet is coming from plants. Plump Planet citizens face different difficulties every day, such as working and study pressure, but they always try hard and use their clever to solve problems, as same as the spirit of Hong Kong People". Plump Planet citizens always keep the enthusiasm to pursue their dreams and promote the spirit of perseverance.

  • Selected companies of DIP III Design Entrepreneurship Incubation Program
  • Indigo Award Gold in Illustration 2020
  • Indigo Award Silver in Branding 2020
  • Indigo Award Bronze in Packaging Design 2020
  • IIndigo Award Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2020
  • Lofter Startup Achiever Competition – Top 10
  • 2020 Bright Future SME's Youth Creative Entrepreneurship Award