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Plump Planet Friend

Plump Planet is based on succulent plants. Succulent plants are plants that live in deserts and other water-deficient environments, but they still store water and survive in deserts. Therefore, the concept is "We are also like succulents. Even when the wind blows and the rain hits, I keep trying to live life."

The background of the story is that the succulent star people face different difficulties every day, such as work and study, but they will use different cleverness to solve the problem, just like the "Hong Kong flavor" spirit that Hong Kong people have, and self-deprecating with a sense of humor, a bit Bad taste and little luck. The succulent star people are still working hard to live life despite the wind and rain, maintaining a passionate heart to pursue their dreams, so as to promote a strong and indomitable spirit, and give people warm, healing, and happy positive energy.

*Succulent Planet won the CWHK44 Original Character Design Contest Merit Award (2nd place) and the Indigo Design Award Character Design Silver Award
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