Clear yellow floating flowers (whiskey glass bottle shape)
Clear yellow floating flowers (whiskey glass bottle shape)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Clear yellow floating flowers (whiskey glass bottle shape)

Clear yellow floating flowers (whiskey glass bottle shape)

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Product desciption

⁂ What is Herbarium?
Floating flowers are made of dried flowers and herbarium oil. Because they are isolated from direct contact with the air, they can delay fading and block the dust in the air, so that the beautiful posture of plants can be preserved for a longer time:)
The floating flowers made by filling plants in oil look like immortal flowers in water. They can preserve the posture of flowers and plants when they bloom, and keep time at the most beautiful moment. You can collect them yourself as a decoration, or replace them. Sending flowers to important people around you conveys full blessings and makes this beauty last longer.

-❁ Preserved Flowers in Water❁-
Floating flowers seal the most beautiful appearance of natural plants in autocratic oil. Flowers and plants in various poses and with different expressions, just like love, always stop at the most beautiful moment of love❤️

-❁ Materials used ❁-
Solvent: Japanese herbarium oil (non-toxic but not edible)
Size: 220 ml imported glass bottle

*If you want to know more information, please follow us, we will release new information and update shipping notifications regularly🌹

1. The products are all handmade, and it takes 7 to 20 days to make them. After the order is placed, the order will be made.
2. The flowers themselves are natural plants, The flower gifts are all handmade, and the finished product will not be exactly the same as the photo.
3. In order to respond to environmental protection, the packaging will be filled with anti-collision paper and reusable paper made of environmentally friendly materials.
4. If any flower materials are out of stock, the designer will adjust and replace the flower materials in due course.
5. It is normal for the dried flowers to drop a little during the delivery process.
6. Plants grow differently and there is no symmetrical or flawless petal, perfectionists beware.

note writing ❁-
When placing an order, please note that the written text is within 20 characters in Chinese/50 characters in English. If there is no note, it will be designed by the designer.

-❁ Save method ❁-
. Dried flowers are well preserved and can be placed for several months to 2 years, and will still fade and fall off naturally over time.
. Preserved flowers (not withered flowers) are well preserved and can be placed for 2 to 5 years, and they will still fade slowly over time.
Dried flowers and preserved flowers (not withered flowers) should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment, avoiding moisture and direct sunlight.
It can be stored for several months to several years in good condition, but it is normal for it to fade over time.

-❁ Precautions❁-
To avoid fire sources, you can purchase additional lamp holders.
During the transportation process, the flowers may be displaced due to shaking, which is a normal phenomenon.
If the flowers are out of stock, we will design and match flowers with similar colors and styles for you.
The above products are handmade and there may be slight errors in size, mainly based on actual products.

✿Planet CRAFTART Brand Introduction

The happiness hand in hand with warmth and romance enriches the colors in life.