About Planet CraftArt


PlanetCRARTART  is about natural & delightful

PlanetCRARTART is a select store established by Colorholic Gossip, an award-winning branding design agency where headquarter in Hong Kong. PlanetCRARTART features self-designed products from Colorholic Gossip, whilst also featuring sophisticated designer products all over the world.


Planet CraftArt are designed with Japanese and French elegance in mind. A touch of je ne sais quoi, the very element that draws us closer, yet we cannot distinguish what compels us, it is the beauty that lies underneath the surface. Planet CraftArt an e-commerce floral shop; a trendsetter in the realm, providing world-class plant designs, delivering simply love. Our platform aims to offer customers beautiful plant arrangements, comfortably enhancing their lifestyle at a click of a button.


PlanetCRARTART store is an outgrowth of Colorholic Gossip, while CG design is a team of creative talents that focusing on branding, marketing and graphic communication. Other than creating visuals and communications, the team is also passionate on exploring newness and discovering possibilities in the world, thus we would like to set up a platform for our self initiatives or crossover with genius from various specialties.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple and concise. Blending classy lifestyle products to influence the society, to respect what life has to offer and to enjoy every special moment in style with joy and passion. We aim to accentuate all aspects of our lives while curating other lifestyle products to carry our vision forward. 

Our Mission is to become the leading lifestyle icon in the floral and plant industry. Utilizing our imagination, our passion and our dedication to designing bouquets with a splash of character. We provide an experience, an ambience and a style to remember.