A Japanese wedding consultant company and a designer collaborated to create a flower-like romantic and practical function "special anti-epidemic partition for wedding banquets"

CRAZY WEDDING, a fully-customized wedding consulting company in Japan, has begun to provide online wedding services in response to the new life style of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Practical and beautiful "special anti-epidemic partition for wedding banquets", when the epidemic prevention alert has not been upgraded to prohibit gatherings and wedding banquets can be held, it is used in IWAI OMOTESANDO, the wedding venue in Omotesando, as one of the daily epidemic prevention measures.

Crazy, a Japanese wedding consultant company, and designer Yu Itaka, jointly designed and developed a special anti-epidemic partition for wedding banquets. Photography/kuppography

Inspired by blooming flowers, 3 sizes are adjustable

Banzaka took "flowers" which are common in weddings as the design concept. Originally, he thought that the most ideal way was to use pots of table flower partitions during the banquet, but it was not cost-effective to use fresh flowers every time. So he applied the concept of "floral art" to the design of reusable acrylic panels. Considering that the generally transparent anti-epidemic partitions are mostly rectangular and like a wall, rigidly blocking the distance between guests, they prefer to turn the partitions into decorations on the banquet, and at the same time have practical anti-epidemic functions.

The metal bracket under the acrylic plate is made of a small number of open models, which is also stable in addition to being beautiful. Photography/kuppography

There are 3 sizes of organic partitions for wedding banquets, and the position of the partitions can be adjusted according to the number of guests and their heights to create a soft atmosphere suitable for wedding banquets. Photography/kuppography

However, although the original intention of the wedding partition partition design was romantic, it also encountered great difficulties in the actual realization process. First of all, in the world where there is a large demand for partitions, the manufacturers of acrylic panels are almost full of work, and they are unwilling to accept such difficult designs. Even if they are willing to make them, the prices are expensive. Fortunately, however, they met Hiramiya, a metal processing factory that agrees with the design concept, and they were quite happy to use 3D printing technology to make 200 metal bases for them in a small number of molds. The solid and exquisite technology also met their expectations. The most important sense of stability.

Wedding consultant company CRAZY
CRAZY was founded in 2012. The founder, Kazuhiko Moriyama, is famous for holding multi-customized textured weddings. Now his business has expanded to event planning and network management. In 2019, the brand's physical space and wedding venue IWAI OMOTESANDO opened. In April 2020, in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the online wedding "Congrats" service began. In July 2020, a special anti-epidemic partition for wedding banquets will be launched.
Official website: https://www.crazy.co.jp

Designer Itasaka Satoshi (ITASAKA SATOSHI)
In 2012, he established the design company the design labo. He is good at interior architectural design. He has crossed over into the fields of industrial design and artistic creation. He is active in Japan and abroad. He has published works in New York galleries and international art fairs.
Official website: http://www.thedesignlabo.co.jp