Tokyo Metropolitan Large-Scale Development Project "Tokyo Torch" - Rivers and Koi in the Urban Area

"Tokyo Torch" is a large-scale development project in Tokyo, which includes the office building "Tokiwabashi Tower", the 390-meter-high observatory and the hotel "Torch Tower", the business district "Tokyo Torch Terrace" and "Tokyo Torch Park".

The middle location is purposely built as a park in the commercial area. You will see a lot of flowers, trees, pools and grass for tourists to have a picnic in the park. I hope we can clear the customs soon and go to visit!

There are artistic elements in the park, such as this "River Crossing" 3D painting by contemporary artist Momo Yoshino, which adds a lot of color to the place.
(Photo credit: munegraphy@IG)

How can the park not have facilities for children to play? This wooden koi slide is specially designed to fit the theme of the park.
(Photo credit: tokyopongi@IG)

Children's amusement facilities small wooden boats with cute koi patterns on the ground

(Photo credit: monstrum_playgrounds@IG)

【info】Tokyo Torch Park Address: No. 6-4, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo