For the first time, LEGO has launched a plant series! A must for bonsai botanists!

Playing LEGO today is no longer exclusive to children. More and more series are designed for adult players. Previously, there were mosaic art paintings of LEGO Art, and recently there is the "Botanical Collection" of the Creator series. Just recently, LEGO launched the plant series for the first time. Every detail of the LEGO bouquet is composed of parts one by one. Most of the parts are made of sustainable sources of sugar cane, and you can choose according to your preferences. The new work "10281 Bonsai Tree" is based on bonsai As the theme, even the elderly are attracted, and the old, middle-aged and young have target customers. Is it enough for you?

Looking at the official picture, this pair of LEGO uses common parts. For example, the base and flowerpot are simply composed of long bricks with zero particles. The parts of the tree are similar to the previous LEGO 21318 tree house, through a large number of curved bricks and flat bricks Outline the irregular lines of the trunk. In addition, the leaves are fork-shaped green components commonly found in Christmas tree boxes. Players can build them freely and add pink cherry blossoms to create various bonsai shapes. You don’t need to refer to the manual when playing, and you can completely DIY and express your creativity.