Japan's "Sauce 3 Project" is to promote soy sauce, more than 70 kinds of soy sauce icons can be downloaded for free!

In addition to pairing with sushi and dumplings, soy sauce can actually be paired with more dishes! The "醤3 (ショウスリー)" project jointly participated by about a hundred soy sauce manufacturers in Japan recently launched the "Soy Sauce Icon (醤油 ピクトラム)" for free download and commercial use by the public. There are more than 70 icons in total, including the types of soy sauce. , dishes that can be paired with it, etc., hoping to let the public discover the potential of soy sauce.

"Sauce 3 Project" gives soy sauce more possibilities

In order to promote the culture of soy sauce, in 2003, the Japan Soy Sauce Association designated October 1st as Soy Sauce Day; and on this year’s Soy Sauce Day, the Soy Sauce 3 Project initiated by a group of people who love soy sauce was officially launched. The purpose is to let the public know that soy sauce can be paired with many dishes, and how to use it to achieve the best flavor. It is also hoped that more people will realize the potential of soy sauce. The Sauce 3 Project first developed the "three-mouth soy sauce dish", which was designed by product designer Mikiya Kobayashi. In addition to allowing people to taste 3 different soy sauces when eating, the soy sauce dish has also been adjusted and tested repeatedly to achieve perfection. angle.

More than 70 kinds of soy sauce icons released

At present, about 100 Japanese soy sauce manufacturers are participating in this project, and all of them have placed "three mouthfuls of soy sauce dishes" in their stores to let consumers understand the differences in the color and aroma of different soy sauces. In addition, the project has recently released more than 70 soy sauce icons, conveying the differences in the types of soy sauce with simple and clear black and white icons, as well as various food dishes that can be paired with soy sauce, such as ice cream, toast, and chawanmushi.

In fact, many people only know that soy sauce is divided into thick and light soy sauce, but in fact there are other types such as smooth soy sauce and white soy sauce. In addition to soy sauce with sushi, dumplings, sashimi and other foods, even ice cream also has suitable soy sauce. Can be used. Therefore, the free release of this series of icons is to let the public see the infinite possibilities of soy sauce.

Free download for commercial use

The official website of the Sauce 3 Project mentions that there used to be more than 6,000 soy sauce manufacturers in Japan, but now it has decreased to nearly 1,000. "The types of soy sauce disappeared without anyone noticing." Therefore, the Sauce 3 Project Hua launched the "Soy Sauce Icon", which is open to merchants and individuals to download and use for free. It can be used on product packaging, promotional boards or menus. I hope that with the release of this series of icons, more people will know how to match cooking according to the type of soy sauce , ingredients, while encouraging soy sauce makers to continue creating unique soy sauces.

Image source / Sauce 3

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