Japanese Paper Manufacturers First Promote Vegetable and Fruit Recycled Paper to Expand Business Opportunities

Paper is people's daily necessities, but with the increasing awareness of environmental protection in the society, some people in the society have begun to think whether the raw materials for making paper will cause damage to the environment. An old paper manufacturer in Japan just encountered difficulties in transformation, and tried to use discarded fruits and vegetables to make environmentally friendly paper to expand the environmental protection market.

Established in 1919, "Igarashi Paper Co., Ltd." is mainly engaged in the production of wallpaper and partition paper for Japanese-style sliding doors. However, in 2019, there was a shortage of raw materials for paper production, such as goose skin, santa and hollyhock. The brand realized that it would take some time to wait for the harvest by growing the required raw materials by itself, so it came up with the idea of ​​using discarded fruits and vegetables to make environmentally friendly paper "FOOD PAPER" ".

Environmentally friendly paper FOOD PAPER uses a lot of vegetables, fruits and spices as raw materials, such as onions, carrots, raisins, etc., and the paper can still smell the fruits and vegetables after a long period of time. In addition to paper, the brand also launched notebooks, paper bags and other products, and plans to mass-produce it in the future, which is expected to become the standard paper.