Posters of master artists, handmade Uchiwa fans, 1964 Tokyo Olympics Tribute Series (List of Tokyo Olympics Souvenirs)

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the host country, Japan, has produced various artist posters and animations, and invited architects and designers outside the stadium to create Pavilion Tokyo 2021 And many other wonderful leading activities.

Japan, which has always been good at making all kinds of souvenirs, has also produced more than a hundred kinds of peripheral souvenirs for the Tokyo Olympics, from the craft series that showcases the beauty of Japanese culture, the classic series that pays tribute to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, to the poster series created by famous Japanese artists. Presenting the spirit of Japan and the Olympics from various angles.

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Artist Poster Series

Different from the previous two series, which showed the beauty of traditional Japanese culture and paid homage to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, this artist poster series shows the avant-garde and innovation of Japanese art. Gather 20 artists and designers including Naoki Urasawa, Hirohiko Araki, Taku Sato, and Mika Ninagawa, and make T-shirts, posters, postcards and other items that can be collected by fans.

Left: Works by Urasawa Naoki
Right: Painting by Hirohiko Araki.

Image source/Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop

Japanese craft series

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Japanese craft series souvenirs invite craftsmen from all over Japan to show off their skills and design various souvenirs based on the "Zumichi Matsumon" designed by Asao Noo. "Zumichi Pine Monogram" is inspired by the patterns of the Edo period. It is composed of three different shapes of rectangles, which means that the teams participating in the Olympic Games come from different countries, cultures, and ideas, presenting the image of harmony but difference, and a universal family.

Zuichi Matsumon Uchiwa Fan

4,180 yen Image source/Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop

This uchiwa fan is made of Japanese hosho paper. The dark blue fan is embellished with silver foil. The overall design concept is "Wind Dance". The squares on the fan are like the emblem of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. From bottom to top, each square gradually changes from a static state to flying stones, and finally turns into people rejoicing in victory.

Edo Tracing Lamp

110,000 yen Image source/Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop

110,000 yen Image source/Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic emblem on the portable paper lantern is hand-painted by professional craftsmen. It is said that drawing the text and family crest on the lantern is the most difficult task in the lantern making process. This paper lantern shows the good craftsmanship of Japanese artisan culture, and it is also very collectible with the logo of Dongao painted on it.

Iida Mizuhiki Awaji Hiraume Knitting Key Ring

3,300 yen Image source/Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop

At weddings and funerals, the Japanese are used to expressing their hearts with Mizuhiki knots on gifts. This 2020 Tokyo Olympic key ring is woven with Awaji flat plum knots and uses the standard color of the East Olympics.

03 Olympic Cultural Heritage Series

Image source/Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop

1964 Tokyo Olympic Towel

Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture has a 120-year history of making towels and is the birthplace of high-end towels in Japan. The design and the tote bag also use the emblem of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, presented in a different layout.

1964 Tokyo Olympics Emblem Tote Bag

Going back to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Japan was the first country in history to host the Olympics in Asia. The logo created by Kamekura Yusaku is still a classic design among the Olympic emblems. Made of Japanese domestic canvas, it is tough and breathable.

1964 Tokyo Olympics Competition Icon Tote

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics pioneered the design of the "competition icon", which continued until the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Inspired by the competition icon, the program that looks like a "super change" is impressive. This tote bag is a commemorative product designed with 20 contest icons as patterns.