Play LEGO Art World Map puzzles at home, and travel with your eyes while preventing the epidemic!

Recently , LEGO Art has brought a new World Map, which contains 11,695 parts. It is not only the largest Lego set in history, but also a must-have dreamy product for travel lovers. Why not challenge it while working from home!

LEGO Art World Map

LEGO Art World Map is 65 cm high and 104 cm wide. There are 40 base plates in total, which can be divided into three parts to assemble; it comes with an instruction manual that can be placed on the coffee table as decoration, a white picture frame and two wall hanging parts, which can be followed The manual teaching spells out a complete world map, marks the places you have been or want to go, of course, you can also create according to your own travel experience, freely explore different ways of expression, and create unique works of art.

The new LEGO Art World Map is especially recommended for adults to challenge. Take advantage of the home epidemic prevention gap with family and friends, review past happy holidays and plan future travel together. During the process, you can also scan the QR Code in the manual, listen to the music selected by the team for this world map while assembling, or immerse yourself in the adventure stories of bloggers and travel experts, adding a little fun to daily life.

"We know how much adult Lego fans love to travel, but most of them haven't been able to do it for more than a year. So we think there is nothing like assembling Lego at home, planning and remembering through the process of building, reorganizing , can help people explore the world.” said Fiorella Groves, Creative Director of LEGO Art: “We hope that LEGO Art World Map will inspire new adventures and help others relive and celebrate the wonderful travel memories of the past.”

LEGO® Art World Map is now available on LEGO The official website is on sale, the price is 249.99 US dollars, and it will be sold in various physical channels around the world after August 1st. Interested Lego fans may wish to experience it during the epidemic prevention period. Don’t miss it!

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Photo: LEGO