Gradient Curtain Art ~ ERIKA HOCK holds a solo exhibition "BODY TROUBLE" at L21 Gallery!

Erika Hock is a Kyrgyz artist known for her ethereal curtain sculptures that float between art, architecture and furniture design. Currently holding a solo exhibition entitled "Body Trouble" at L21 Gallery in Parma. Velvet and silk became the means to brighten the gallery space, and the artist crafted the sinuous walls using colors and design principles dating back to the Bauhaus era, each in blue, white, green, pink and maroon Gradients to create a multitude of colors to organize and arrange the entire space. It is worth noting that the works are different from most gallery art. This exhibition invites the audience to walk and interact with the works on display, experiencing the sensory intersection between architecture and objects.

L21 Gallery Carrer Gremi de Ferrers,, 25, 07009 Palma,, Illes Balears, Spain