Decorate spring flowers into artistic food on the table!

Spring and summer are the most prosperous moments of nature. It is also the best season for creators who like to use flowers and plants as materials. In addition to adding visual artistic effects to paintings and embroidery, flowers can also be used In terms of cooking, create delicious and beautiful dishes one after another to satisfy the senses of vision and taste.

If you also want to use the flowers and plants at hand to create delicious dishes, you may wish to refer to the following inspirations:

floral crepes

Pancakes are very common in weekend brunch. As long as the batter is made in the same way, flowers and herbs are sprinkled on top of the pan, and fruits are garnished with it to present a colorful and delicious snack, adding a little more fun to life.

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Floral Butter Cookies

Don’t think that flower cream biscuits are difficult, as long as you can use simple biscuit making skills, take out the biscuits five minutes before the baking is completed, dip the petals in egg white, stick them on the biscuits, and return the biscuits to the oven for five minutes , you can complete a beautiful and delicious biscuit, and you can even add icing to make the color more layered.

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floral ice cubes

The scorching summer is coming, and the opportunity to use ice cubes has also increased. After washing the flowers and placing them in the ice maker, you can make delicate and beautiful ice cubes, which are more beautiful in drinks. atmosphere.

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flower cake

The seemingly bland cream cake, as long as the outer layer is pressed with flowers, it can show an elegant and delicate effect. For cake beginners, it is a good decoration technique to use. Of course, you can also create multiple changes through creativity and ingenuity.

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Floral Chocolate Chip

After melting the white chocolate over water, you can add food coloring to dye it, and then sprinkle flower petals on it, let it cool down and smash it to have delicate and delicious chocolate chips, which are very suitable for parties or weddings to share with guests.

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