Art Basel's three major exhibition areas full guide! The Tourism Board has set up a platform to promote 6 art tours and cultural youth routes~

A number of art events will be held in May. Among them, the world-renowned "Art Basel" will return to Hong Kong after a year. It will become the first international art event held in Hong Kong under the epidemic, and two major online guided tours will be set up. The exhibition, but the scale is more than half that of the previous year's exhibition.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board took the opportunity to launch the "Art & Cultureㆍin Hong Kong" platform this month, recommending 6 art, culture and youth tour routes to Hong Kong people, and will also launch more than 200 dining offers themed on art and food. Enjoy French afternoon tea, baked crab cap with foie gras, etc.

104 Art Gallery Participates in 3 Areas

The "Art Basel Hong Kong (Art Basel)" physical exhibition, which was canceled due to the epidemic last year, will return to the Hong Kong Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center from May 19 to 23. It is the first world-class art exhibition held in Hong Kong since the end of 2019. A grand event, 104 galleries from 23 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which was divided into three major areas for exhibition. The works included Take Ninagawa Gallery exhibited Vietnamese artist Vo Dan’s special creation for the Japanese Museum, and PMK Gallery brought Sculptures by South Korean Lee Bum and sculptures by local artist Chen Litong, etc., but the scale of the art exhibition was more than half that of the previous year.

(Official photo of HKTB)

(Official photo of HKTB)

This year's "Art Basel Hong Kong" has 56 art galleries unable to exhibit in person. The conference will hold art exhibitions in the form of physical and online platforms. Galleries that can exhibit will appoint local representatives as staff to explain the concepts of the works to visitors.

In addition to "Art Basel Hong Kong", a number of international and local art events such as "Art Central", "HKWalls Art Festival", "French May" and "Yan Tin Tsai Art Festival" will be held successively from this month. In the month, the promotion of art and culture will be added to the "TravelㆍIn Hong Kong" platform, and the public will be recommended to walk along 6 themed art tour routes and visit more than 50 art spots in 12 districts of Hong Kong, including "Art Basel Hong Kong", Hong Kong Museum of Art, Wong Chuk Hang Gallery, Ha Pak Clay Insulation Board paintings, Tai Nan Street murals in Sham Shui Po, Cattle Depot Art Village, etc.

6 walking themed routes

theme content area
Artistic tour of both sides of Victoria Harbor Appreciate world-class artworks along Victoria Harbor Wanchai District and Yau Tsim Mong District: Art Basel, Art Central, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Animation Waterfront, Hong Kong Museum of Art
"Interstellar" Hong Kong Visit Yau Tsim Mong, revisit famous film and MV filming locations Yau Tsim Mong District: Peninsula Hotel, Temple Street Archway, Gold Fish Street, Lui Seng Chun and Broadway Film Center
Wong Chuk Hang Art "Southern Journey" Explore the art and culture hidden in Wong Chuk Hang South District: de Sarthe Gallery, Sin Sin Fine Art, Blindspot Gallery Mirth and Yida Industrial Building
Art City Tour Visit art spaces in various districts of the city Distributed in multiple districts across Hong Kong: Yan Tin Tsai, Ha Pak Nai, Peng Chau Secret Garden, Nan Fung Spinning Factory and Cattle Depot Art Village
Art Day "Taste" in "Old Town Central" Stroll around Central and Sheung Wan to feel the artistic atmosphere and enjoy the aroma of coffee Central and Western District: Tai Kwun, PMQ, Artisan Cafe Central﹑Stain+, City View: Pedder Street
"In-depth" tour of arts and culture Feel the pulse of art and culture in the neighborhood and look for popular coffee shops Sham Shui Po District: WOMANBOSS, One Plant, One Tree, Tai Nan Street "Everyone and Meow dd" mural, Aurora Leathercraft
Source: HKTB

(Official photo of HKTB)

(Official photo of HKTB)

Encourage the discovery of local arts and culture with a new vision

A spokesman for the HKTB pointed out that the "Art & CultureㆍIn Hong Kong" platform encourages Hong Kong people to discover and experience Hong Kong art and culture with a new vision. It also maintains Hong Kong's international exposure by supporting international events held in Hong Kong, highlighting Hong Kong as "Asia status as an art hub.

The HKTB also invited artists Wang Yuanzhi and Peng Xiuhui to star in the micro-movie. The two accidentally exchanged cameras and used the photos to find each other. They introduced famous art and cultural attractions in Hong Kong and took the audience on an artistic journey.

In addition, the HKTB will launch the second round of the "Travel Rewards" campaign as soon as possible according to the situation, and will announce the details shortly. It is reported that the relevant activities will be launched as soon as this month.

Schedule of some international and local art events

(Official photo of HKTB)

Activity date Place
Art Basel Hong Kong Exhibition
(Art Basel)
May 21-23 Wanchai Convention and Online
Art Central May 20-23 Wanchai Convention and Online
Le French May Le French May Gastronomy May 1st to June 30th
May 1-31
different locations
"Our Art Gallery" March 23 to May 23 Hong Kong Museum of Art and various locations
"Slow Live. Happy" @元创方 May onwards PMQ
Yim Tin Azusa Arts Festival 2021 April 17-July 16 West Sai Kung Yim Tin Tsai and online
HKWalls Arts Festival May 8 to June 6 Sai Kung and various locations
Tai Kwun Performing Arts Season April 2 to May 23 Tai Kwun
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong Gallery Online Tour May 4th to June 3rd on-line
Freespace Outdoor Mural long-term display West Kowloon Cultural District Freespace and Online
Source: HKTB