Six must-know highlights of the "2024 Paris Olympics": 95% of the competition venue is extended from the existing building to enhance sustainability and long-term development

The Tokyo Olympics is coming to an end, and the next Paris Olympics in 2024 is also quietly underway, as can be seen from their exclusive Hashtag #FromTokyoToParis . The venues for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games will appear in many classic Paris attractions. Currently, the images include: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Invalides, the Grand Palais, the Champ de Mars, the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles..., which is equivalent to going to the games Then you can visit these must-see attractions by the way! In this article, we will sort out the features and highlights of the 2024 Paris Olympics. We hope that after three years, when the epidemic slows down, we can participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, enter the venue to actually watch the games, and enjoy the thrill of being on the spot!

Highlight 1 of the 2024 Paris Olympics: 95% of the competition venue is extended from the existing building to enhance sustainability and long-term development

Like previous Olympics, it is necessary to select new locations and build new venues. After the competition, the Olympic venues are often reduced to mosquito venues. What is different about the 2024 Paris Olympic Games is that a major feature of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games planning is that 95% of them are existing venues and temporary venues. For example, setting up a beach volleyball court on the Champ de Mars, watching the game while looking at the Eiffel Tower, or the skateboard event held for the first time in the Tokyo Olympics. Equestrian competitions in the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles....etc. Each venue has its own clear heritage significance, and at the same time is consistent with the long-term development plan of Paris.

Highlight 2 of the 2024 Paris Olympics: Catch up with the "Paris Climate Agreement" and reduce carbon emissions by 55% compared to the London Olympics

The Paris 2024 Organizing Committee aims to host the most sustainable Olympic Games ever. The Paris Games in particular have found a way to play both sustainability and heritage, with the support of WWF France, the Yunus Center and UNICEF France. The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will strive to be the first Olympic Games to fully comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, launching a carbon reduction strategy with the goal of achieving a carbon footprint 55% smaller than that of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Highlight 3 of the 2024 Paris Olympics: Spectators holding Olympic tickets can use Paris transportation for free

*100% of the audience went to the competition venue by public transport, bicycle or on foot;

*Olympic ticket holders can use Paris transportation for free;

* During the Olympic Games, a fleet of zero-emission buses will be launched at any time

*France's high-speed rail guarantees that 85% of domestic cities will travel to Paris in less than 4 hours. In addition, the French high-speed train will also connect Paris with other major European capital cities; Paris is located in the heart of Europe, and many other capital passengers will travel to Paris within three hours by train or plane.

Highlight 4 of the 2024 Paris Olympics: The building uses 100% renewable energy, and the competition venue is only five minutes away from the Olympic Village

The Paris 2024 Olympic Village will be a sustainable, low-carbon and eco-designed community, with buildings using 100 percent renewable energy and a zero-waste policy strategy.

Highlight 5 of the 2024 Paris Olympics: Athletes with disabilities will serve as co-chairs

Marie-Amélie LE FUR, a French female disabled athlete, was elected as the president of the French Paralympic Committee in December 2018, becoming the first active female athlete to be elected. chairman. She herself has also won eight medals in the past two Paralympics.

Highlight 6 of the 2024 Paris Olympics: The latest LOGO has ruled that "Marianne" incorporates three major symbols
Anthropomorphic symbol means "Olympics are for all"

The emblem design of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games combines the image of the gold medal, the flame and the silhouette of the face of Marianne, a precious symbol of the French Revolution and the French people. The gold medal and the torch are symbols of the Olympics. Mariana's face design has also become the first emblem in the history of the Olympic Games to use the face symbol as the emblem.