The posters for the 93rd Oscars are freshly released!

In recent years, more and more brands will use different designs to interpret their IP image, and even Oscar has not escaped this "popular situation".

The 7 artists selected by this year's Oscar organizers cover different countries, different fields, and different races. At the same time, the proportion of men and women is also equal. It seems that this year's Oscars pay attention to the diversity of the film industry.

As far as the design itself is concerned, compared with the rigorous and monotonous design images of previous years, this year's posters are more colorful and lively.

01. A bridge of communication

Victoria Villasana, a textile artist, conceived a futuristic visual poster using uncut thread, giving it an unfinished aesthetic. She believes that movies are a bridge of communication and a source of inspiration for her fashion, which can bring her more different inspirations.

02. golden age cinema

The 1920s and 1930s were known as the golden age of Hollywood, when movies were in full swing. Michelle Robinson was inspired by the architectural structures of the Golden Age that hosted movies: the movie theater.

The cinema on the poster has a circular arc roof, and the architectural style is very gorgeous. She boldly uses contrast, color and pattern to interpret the "Little Golden Man".

03. Harmony and unity

The creative poster with red as the theme color comes from Karan Singh's inspiration during the epidemic.

He wants to express through visual art that in the most difficult times, movies have comforted and entertained people of all kinds of lives, enabling everyone to achieve unprecedented "harmony" and "unity".
04. The crystallization of art
Magnus Voll Mathiassen, a graphic designer and illustrator from Norway, used his unique illustration art to express that the film industry and the audience are mutually influenced and connected, and the film is the crystallization of the interconnection between the industry and the audience, which is The art of cinema.
05. Another world
Designer Petra Eriksson used bright colors and a strong sense of composition to express how the film felt about her. She believes that film is another world, and the audience can be surrounded by its colors and sounds in the film world.
06. Tribute

Multidisciplinary artist Temi Coker specializes in using rich colour, pattern and storytelling to evoke emotion in his work.

His work is full of vibrant colors and textures, and his unique artistic style has been deeply influenced by his Nigerian upbringing and love for African culture.

And his poster this time pays tribute to all black actors, directors and screenwriters who have contributed to the film industry.
07. The crystallization of art

The last artist, Shawna X, used abstract patterns, layered graphics and strong vibrant colors to express her visual posters this time - there is a radiant eye behind the statuette, indicating that we have been watching, Watching and enjoying the movie.