French designer: It is suggested that McDonald's and Starbucks adopt hollow LOGO, saving 40% of ink

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Recently, a French graphic designer applied the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development to the logo design of the product, and made a contribution to environmental protection through the hollow logo design.

The graphic designer, named Sylvain Boyer, advocated environmental protection by launching the "Ecobranding" campaign, calling on major brands around the world to adopt hollow-designed Logos to reduce the ink required for Logo printing. Since these well-known brands have businesses all over the world, mass production and printing of their products will damage the environment. For example, some chemical components will volatilize during the printing ink process, causing air pollution, and more non-decomposable solid waste will be generated after ink products are disposed of. Wait. Therefore, she hopes to reduce damage to the environment through the Logo change movement.

The campaign founder took Starbucks as an example. Starbucks produced a total of 670,000 paper cups in 2016. Each Logo needs about 0.06 ml of ink, and each cost is about HK$1.17. It can reduce ink consumption by nearly 40%, saving about HK$310 million.

Sylvain Boyer also revealed that if the program is successfully carried out, the design of the hollow Logo is expected to reduce the global ink consumption by 10% - 40%. According to the website, if the hollow Logo design is adopted, the ink consumption of McDonald's can be reduced by 34.11%, the ink consumption of Starbucks can be reduced by 38.57%, and the ink consumption of Apple can be reduced by 22.32%.

Source: Ecobranding