[Fight against the epidemic at home] teach you simple homemade art handmade soap

Now that everyone needs to wash their hands frequently, you can try homemade handmade soap. The ingredients of the soap you make yourself can be adjusted at will. In addition to creating a unique fragrance and shape, you can feel at ease knowing which ingredients you use. Handmade soap is not only cheap, but also very helpful for soothing dermatitis.

Ingredients Group A: (can be purchased at supermarkets or baking supply stores)

name weight
palm oil 125g
olive oil 175g
avocado oil 100g
Fenugreek oil 100g
sweet almond oil 20g

Material Group B: (sodium hydroxide can be found in hardware stores)

name weight
NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) 74g
water 165g

1. First heat the oil of material group A to about 60 ℃, keep stirring and then cool to about 40 ℃.

2. Mix material group B and cool to about 40°C.

3. Mix step 1 and 2 and keep stirring until the words can be drawn, then pour into the mold. A few drops of aromatic essential oils can be added while stirring to create the scent of the soap.

4. Pour into the mold and wait for the handmade soap to solidify and it's done

The whole production process takes about two hours, and this amount can make about 6 pieces of handmade soap, depending on the size of the mold. You can also buy molds on the market to make different shapes.